Who are the current and past Financial Committee's members?

Current Members Position Incorporation Date Departure   Date
José De Gregorio Rebeco President sept-14 -
Cristián Eyzaguirre Johnston Counselor mar-10 -
Vice-President sept-11
Jaime Casassus Vargas Counselor sept-14 -
Ricardo Budinich Diez Counselor aug-16 -
Martín Costabal Llona Counselor aug-07 -
Paulina Yazigui Salamanca Counselor aug-18 -
Past Members
Igal Magendzo Weinberger Counselor sept-14 aug-18
Eduardo Walker Hitschfeld Counselor aug-07 aug-16
Arturo Cifuentes Ovalle Counselor aug-11 aug-14
President jan-14
Rodrigo Valdés Pulido Counselor feb-14 apr-14
Eric Parrado Herrera Counselor aug-11 mar-14
Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel Dunker Counselor sept-09 jan-14
President aug-11
Andrés Bianchi Larre President aug-07 aug-11
Ana María Jul Lagomarsino Vice-President aug-07 aug-11
Andrés Sanfuentes Vergara Counselor aug-07 mar-10
Oscar Landerretche Moreno Counselor aug-07 jun-09


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